10 Women You Should Never Marry


10 Women You Should Never Marry

Society has pretty much forced us jolly men to tie the knot with a lady friend sooner or later and get married. And it’s very hard to get an outside opinion on which girl is right for you. It seems like there’s something very difficult about judging which personalities would fit well together.
Thankfully, the reverse is pretty goddamn easy. Whether you’d ask your mom or your best friend, everyone will pretty much agree on which girls you shouldn’t marry under any circumstance. Let’s take a look at the 10 most common types. Trust me, it’s totally scientific.



1. The Feminist
Remember how the patriarchy is to blame for everything? Well, like it or not, you’re part of the patriarchy too. Abort mission.


2. The Selfish Woman
If I have to explain why you shouldn’t marry someone that’s selfish, maybe you shouldn’t get married at all. Ever.

3. The Party Girl
Sooner or later, everyone reaches an age where partying is simply not age-appropriate anymore. People that disagree with this statement are usually not married, further proving the point.


4. The Gossip Girl
She’ll cause way too much drama for what she’s worth. Just watch the TV show, don’t marry it.

5. The Material Girl
I’m not talking about Madonna, but I’m also not talking about Madonna. Wink, wink.

6. The Lone Wolf
If she’s afraid to commit, then don’t. Pretty straightforward, isn’t it? If she has no idea where she’s going, she’s going nowhere with you.

7. The Spoiled Brat
If she’s never learned to work for her goals, she probably never will. Cut your losses.


8. The Flirty One
Especially not if you’re a jealous type. I mean, if you don’t mind sharing, there’s always some charity you could donate money to. No use in sharing your future wife.


9. The Disrespectful One
Pretty straightforward, this one. If she can’t talk to a human being like a normal human being, she probably isn’t a human being. And you don’t marry aliens. It’s not legal.

10. The Attention Whoopsee-daisy
If it’s supposed to be about her, make it about her by removing yourself out of the equation. Permanently.